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Session Tributes and Wishlist

The subject of 'tribute' is something I must clarify. I DO NOT accept financial payment for / in exchange of services.

A submissive knows his place. Understands he is an inferior lowly slave who is and will never be good enough for his Mistress. To show gratitude for Mistress allowing him in Her presence, the submissive offers tribute. It is a gift showing gratefulness to Her, for building Her life in a such a way that She is able to manifest a safe space where fantasy becomes reality.

As a way to show your gratitude for sessions, I require the following tributes. Etiquette requires tributes be presented in an envelope at the start of a session.

Deposit information and booking conditions can be viewed HERE.

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Demonstrate your gratitude by gifting Mistress from Her wish list

Gifts are never expected, that’s what makes them gifts! As a Lady, I love presents. Who doesn't? It is always a nice touch to show your true devotion and adoration to your Mistress. A gift can be either brought with you to a session or at any time from My Amazon Wishlist.

It’s not essential that a gift be big, expensive or flashy. It’s a token of your appreciation… and no matter how small, I will appreciate the gesture.

My Amazon Wishlist is for every budget from £ to £££ and a being an avid reader, My Book Wishlist.

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