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Sessions with Mistress Leyla

Traditional and alternative BDSM, Kink, Fetish Session Information

I session with submissives over the age of 21; newbie and more experienced. Whether you are seeking traditional BDSM sessions, fetish/kink, cross dressing, sissy training or maid training sessions – you are welcome. I also offer sessions supporting those considering transitioning or needing a safe place to explore.

Every submissive is unique and so every session is crafted to the needs, wants and fantasies of submissives.

It can be difficult to find the right Dominatrix and start your journey. For newbies, start by reading My BDSM CHECKLIST.

When contacting Me, be honest, to the point and clear about your needs and desires. HONESTY is key to a SAFE, SANE AND CONSENSUAL playtime. Be clear about your boundaries before we start. I strongly recommend an initial introductory session be 90 minutes to allow for discussions and familiarity.

Rarely do I do anything shorter than 1 hour session and Sessions always follow this basic outline:

  • An initial discussion, our 'play time' and then a chance to reflect, shower and discussion.
  • Sessions can range from between 30 minutes to over 4 hours and even overnight.
  • Short / Extended Cage / Confinement / Overnight slavery with supervision or minimal interaction is possible.

I recommend all those wishing to book sessions to visit My ESSENTIAL READING page. There are many articles available on My BDSM BLOG.

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Mistress Likes & Dislikes

Alternative Sessions

Feminisation -CD

Sessions for anyone who would like to 'dress' (feminine or masculine) and explore, experiment and indulge in privacy.

There is a selection of clothing, shoes, underwear and wigs.

Girly trips, outings and events in public are also available.

Mistress & femsub Combo

Friendly and attractive and with an exceptionally spankable bottom, Josephine enjoys both the erotic and the disciplinary side of CP.

If you would like Josephine to play with us, you will need to give Me notice and book in advance.

For further information contact either Myself or Josephine.


www.josephineswitch.co.uk [email protected]

07840 820 431


I am an artist with a great imagination. Whatever your fantasy, I am sure together we can create it.

The delights of role-play are never ending. I adore playing different parts - and I am very good at it. Whether I am The Boss, Psychiatrist or the Nanny, you will suffer.

Realistic kidnappings, spy games, interrogations without limits or lock ups can all be arranged.

Double Dom/me

Double Dom/me sessions with Myself and either Lady Trinity or Master Dresda.

With exquisite imagination and creativity, We can host an array of different scenes; from the sensual to the sadistic and everything in between.

To book a double session, please contact either myself or the Dom/me you would like to session with.


44 (0)797 093 3269



07746 204 418



My 'likes' are not limited to this list. There is much I enjoy about BDSM - too much to simply list, so please do approach Me to discuss fetishes or interests. There are areas which I will not partake in and these are listed under My 'HATES'.

Arm and Leg Sleeves

Ball busting

BDSM Clubs (attending)

Beating Hard / Soft


Bondage Hard / Soft


Breast Bondage

Breath Play Hard / Soft



Chosen Clothing

Chosen Food

Clothes Pegs

Collars / Corsets

C/P - Mild to Severe

Electric Play

Examination Physical


Face Slapping

Fetish Events


Following Orders

Foot Worship

Forced Dressing

Forced Masturbation

Forced Nudity

Forced Servitude

Full Head Hood


Heel Worship

Hot Waxing


Public Humiliation

Verbal humiliation




Latex/Rubber/Leather Fetish

Medical Scenes

Mouth Bits


Nipple Clamps

Nipple Weights

Oral Fixation

Orgasm Control/Denial

Outdoor Play

Over the Knee Spanking

Piercing (play)

Pony Play

Religious Scene

Riding Crop

Role playing

Sensory Deprivation

Serving as Furniture


Sexual Deprivation


Sissy and slut training


Spreader bars

Stocking Worship


Strait Jackets

Strap-On Dildos

Supplying Victims





Video Taping Scenes



Blood Sports


Drugs & Alcohol

Hard Sports

Illegal Activities (under age/animals/bugs etc)

Intimate Body Worship

Permanent Marks

( Unless piercing )

Personal/Switch Services