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No revolving door here...I session with a very limited number of submissives from the novice to more experienced extreme players among you, regardless of gender or sexuality.  I welcome those who enjoy forced bi or forced feminisation sessions as well as those wishing to cross-dress and explore their feminine or masculine side.

Sessions should be exciting, fun and fulfilling. Real play without editing, bringing to life fantasies in a safe, private space under My experienced and skilled guidance.

I offer individual sessions from 1 hour to overnight and occasionally offer group and multi Mistress sessions.

First sessions can be awkward. I strongly advise an initial introductory session be 90 minutes to allow for discussions and questions.  It's essential to see how we get on and whether we are compatible.

Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the scene, you can be sure that you are in safe hands and that your limits will be very well respected. Without question you will have the use of an agreed safe word.

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The Session Format

Each session has three parts. 

  • Pre-session discussion

  • The Session

  • Post Session aftercare


I expect you to arrive on time, clean and ready to begin. We will have an opportunity to discuss the session and anything else you mention before we start.


After the session there is time for you to compose yourself and a chance to express any emotions or ask questions. There will be refreshments and if required a shower.


Requesting a session

Before making contact think about everything that is important for you and have clarity. 

When you initiate contact be open and honest. Communicate your desires, interests and fantasies. Expectations and style/type of sessions are important but also your fears, limits and any possible bad experiences or incidents. A good article to reference before making contact is available to read HERE. Also, My BDSM checklist can provide a good starting point.

Be honest, to the point and thorough. HONESTY is key to a SAFE, SANE AND CONSENSUAL playtime. Good manners and proper etiquette a requirement. Remember a submissive's purpose is to please, serve and obey. 

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