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Contact and Booking

Not all who contact Me or request a session will be granted the privilege to serve me- a potential submissive must be genuine, dedicated and respectful.


Read through My website - it contains the answers to most questions. 


  1. Read my rules and guidelines below before making contact or requesting a booking. It makes everything easier.

  2. If you wish to book a session, check My diary for availability first.

  3. Make contact via email, mobile or form. Details at the bottom of this page

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Rules for Contact and Booking

Contacting Mistress

  • I accept and discuss introductions and session questions by email and telephone, although it may not always able suitable or convenient for longer discussions. I am happy to arrange a suitable mutual time when this can be possible. Email is always preferred for longer discussions.

  • Calls from withheld numbers will never be answered.

  • Calls before 11 am or after 7 pm will not be answered.

  • If your call is not answered - Ring back, leave voicemail or Email.

  • Don't make an appointment you don't intend to keep OR book a session with no intention of attending!  NO SECOND CHANCE.

  • Text enquiries and messages are a privilege only bestowed upon known regular submissives.

  • £20 non refundable deposit required from new submissives.

  • Check my calendar BEFORE making an appointment.  There is no point asking for dates or times if I am unavailable. DON'T WASTE MY TIME.

  • A minimum of 2-3 days in advance is required to book an appointment.

  • Confirm your appointment 24 hours before your session via text. A second text confirmation on the morning of your session BEFORE 12 NOON is required.  If you do not confirm your session, it will be terminated.

  • If you need to cancel for any reasonable reason, you MUST do so ASAP.

  • You MUST be clean and presentable upon entering MY Dungeon. Un cleanliness won't be tolerated - I absolutely detest this. Make sure you are clean, have fresh smelling breath and that your hands and nails are clean also.

  • If you know in advance that you may need to freshen up, shower facilities are available before your session -  arrive 10 minutes early if you need to use them.

Booking & Sessions

Call Mistress Leyla
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