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Mistress Leyla

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Mistress Leyla

DO NOT let beauty fool you. I am an alpha. Confident with a natural desire to dominate and control. An experienced Mistress with over 8 years as a practiced ProDomme. Royal Holloway educated. An intellectual exploring and engaging in BDSM, Psychology, Fetishes and Fantasies.

Being twisted, mean, wicked and plain evil is a pleasure. I expect and demand faultless obedience, submission and dedication. You are a source of enjoyment, amusement, sensual gratification and indulgence for Me. Having that measure of power over another human being is breath-taking.

I take pleasure in being in control, manipulating and pushing boundaries. I am not cruel, unfeeling or heartless. Pleasure comes from granting submissives opportunities to explore different facets of their sexuality or fulfilling wild fantasies. Creating a positive and fulfilling BDSM experience is essential.

The qualities in a good Mistress are many and varied. These qualities are attributed to the person. There are many in the scene who do not understand the difference between being dominant and being domineering. A domineering person is overbearing, aggressive, loud and tyrannical. They control through oppression and enforce their will without consequence. This is not who I am.

Through a shared mental, spiritual, emotional and physical experience there is pleasure.


Submissives discover visiting a Mistress to be a wonderful experience. A safe space to release your fantasies and inhibitions. A submissive's purpose is to please, serve and obey. It is expect you arrive clean and well groomed for each session. Good manners and proper etiquette a requirement.

I accommodate anyone from novice to the more experienced extreme players among you, over the age of 21. Those who wish to explore, experiment and discover the wonders of My BDSM sessions and Dungeon are welcome. Slaves that enjoy forced bi or forced feminisation sessions as well as those wishing to cross-dress and explore their feminine or masculine side.

If you are new to the scene, you can be sure that you are in safe hands and that your limits will be very well respected. However, on subsequent sessions, I do encourage pushing these limits. Without question you will have the use of an agreed safe word. Also, if you wish to attend BDSM clubs or events, I am happy to accompany you.

Be honest, to the point and clear about your needs and desires. HONESTY is key to a SAFE, SANE AND CONSENSUAL playtime. Be clear about your boundaries before we start. I strongly recommend an initial introductory session be 90 minutes, to allow for discussions and familiarity and a read of the BDSM Checklist.

Rarely do I do anything shorter than a 1 hour session (unless you are a regular submissive), however, if I’m already in the dungeon and not making a special trip out to the dungeon for your session, I will be open to discussing a shorter session period with you.