BDSM Sessions

I am able to offer a variety of BDSM sessions alongside individual 1-on 1 sessions. Sessions are unique and submissives have different needs and wants. Individual sessions are an excellent way to experience, develop and explore BDSM.

Choose your Session

Sessions always follow this basic outline of. An initial discussion,

our 'play time' and then a chance to reflect, shower and discuss

any points.

Sessions can range from between 30 minutes to over 4 hours

and even overnight.

Short / Extended Cage / Confinement / Overnight slavery with supervision or minimal interaction is possible.

Double Dom/me

Double Dom/me sessions with Myself and either Lady Trinity or Master Strokes.

With exquisite imagination and creativity, We can host an array of different scenes; from the sensual to the sadistic and everything in between.

To book a double session, please contact either myself or the Dom/me you would like to session with.


0743 22 22 347



07746 204 418


I am quite an artist with a great imagination. Whatever your fantasy, I am sure together we can create it.

The delights of role-play are never ending. I adore playing different parts - and I am very good at it. Whether I am The Boss, Psychiatrist or the Nanny, you will suffer.

Realistic kidnappings, spy games, interrogations without limits or lock ups can all be arranged.

Sessions with Mistress & pro sub josephine

Friendly and attractive and with an exceptionally spankable bottom, Josephine enjoys both the erotic and the disciplinary side of CP.

If you would like Josephine to play with us, you will need to give Me notice and book in advance.

For further information contact either Myself or Josephine.


07840 820 431

Feminisation~ CD

Sessions for anyone who would like to 'dress' and explore their feminine side ( or their masculine ).

There is a selection of clothing, shoes, underwear and wigs.

Girly trips, outings and events in public are also available.


Multi Mistress and multi slave parties are organised throughout the year.

Regardless of your experience, express yourself and explore your kink in the company of similar minded slaves.