I welcome the novice and the experienced.  As long as you are over 21, gender, sexuality, nationality or colour is inconsequential. Anyone who wishes to explore, experiment and discover the wonders of My BDSM sessions and Dungeon are welcome.


Submissives discover visiting a Mistress to be a wonderful experience. A safe space to release your fantasies and inhibitions.


For a novice, a good starting point is the BDSM CHECKLIST (below).


A submissive's purpose is to please, serve and obey. It is expect you arrive clean and well groomed for each session.  Good manners and proper etiquette a requirement.  


Be honest, to the point and thorough. HONESTY is key to a SAFE, SANE AND CONSENSUAL playtime.


Be clear about your desires and boundaries before we start. For a FIRST TIME session, I would suggest an hour and a half - to discuss concerns and get to know each other.

I strongly recommend an initial introductory session be 90 minutes, to allow for discussions and familiarity.


Rarely do I do anything shorter than a 1 hour session (unless you are a regular submissive), however, if I’m already in the dungeon and not making a special trip out to the dungeon for your session, I will be open to discussing a shorter session period with you.


GIfts are always well received and appreciated as a sign that the slave knows how to please his Mistress.




Experienced Pro Domme

London ~ Berkshire

Spanking naughty boys since 2006

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Mistress Leyla