What I expect from my Submissives during sessions



I expect you to possess high level language skills, incorporating correct grammar, extended vocabulary and the ability to speak in the 3rd person.

I expect you to display a pleasing vocal tonality with your correct pronunciation.


Upon the start of a BDSM sessions I expect:


  • Removal of all clothing. You will put on any clothing I have left out for you (if any) OR put on any clothing you have brought with you.

  • Clothing will be neatly folded and placed on bench.

  • Make sure you have your Tribute with you.

  • When you are ready, you will knock at the door, ask "Would it please you Mistress, if I entered the room?"  You may not enter until I say so. (DO NOT forget your tribute)



Upon entering the room, there will be no more eye contact unless I say so. You will come in, place the tribute at my feet and assume the initial KNEEL position IN FRONT OF MY FEET:


The submissive kneels upright on both knees, not sitting on the heels.  Knees are spread shoulder width apart, arms locked behind back, each hand clasping the opposite forearm; chest is held forward, wide and strong; head bowed with eyes down


ONCE YOU ARE IN THE KNEEL POSITION, you will ask for permission to speak. When request granted, you will present me with your gift/s (tribute+ gift if any).


You will ALSO assume KNEEL when:


  • You enter a room where I am in attendance and once you are at My feet,

  • After completing a task,

  • To receive further instructions,

  • When approached by me,

  • When ordered to do so.


You will not speak unless I require you to do so, or are spoken to. If there is an issue, request or you wish to ask a question, you must first ask: "Mistress, may I request a moment to speak?" You must wait for permission.


In all sessions, you will wear and gratefully accept any toys I choose to insert or adorn you.


You MUST thank me for any opportunity to serve me, whether it is a chore or a flogging.


When leaving a room where I am in attendance, you MUST NEVER turn your back to me until you are out of my sight.


Submissive Positions


There are various submissive position I will teach you and you will learn them. I am listing a few below:


  • Attention

  • Inspection

  • Follow

  • Dismiss

  • Surrender

  • Sit

  • Stand

  • As well as numerous Punishment positions.


NOTE: When entering submissive positions, you will do so in a controlled, graceful and confident manner.