Contact Mistress

I accept and discuss introductions and session questions by telephone, although it may not always able suitable or convenient for longer discussions. I am happy to arrange a suitable mutual time when this can be possible. Email is always preferred for longer discussions.

Calls before 11 am or after 7 pm will not be answered.

If your call is not answered - Ring back, leave voicemail or Email.

Calls from withheld numbers will never be answered.

Don't make an appointment you don't intend to keep OR book a session with no intention of attending! NO SECOND CHANCE.

Text enquiries and messages are a privilege only bestowed upon known submissives or regularly attending slaves.

Occasionally, I am able to offer 'SAME DAY' sessions. Phone to enquire.

Check my calendar BEFORE making an appointment. There is no point asking for dates or times if I am unavailable. DON'T WASTE MY TIME.

Confirm your appointment 48 hours before your session via text. A second text confirmation on the morning of your session BEFORE 12 NOON is required. If you do not confirm your session, it will be terminated.

If you need to cancel for any reasonable reason, you MUST do so ASAP.

MOBILE: 07426 490 214

EMAIL: [email protected]